Lifetime Account for Students

This Plan is good for learning purpose, No Credit card required

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Life Time No renewal, no upsale and no credit card required


1 Chatbot with Unlimited Flow


50 Sessions /mo


All features included

A Chatbot with all marketing Tools.

your business will need to grow.

A Chatbot with all marketing Tools your business will need to grow

Build, publish and manage chatbots for your clients with Ailexia. Build once, deploy many and earn massive profits with our well designed business model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is A Session?

A multi-message interaction between your bot and an end-user is considered as a session, regardless of the number of messages. One session will expire after 24 hours if there is no interaction between the end-user and bot.

What Are Seats & Members?

Seats are number of members that belong to your team account. Members can collaborate on the same bot.

Team members can collaborate on the same bot and share activities such as answering customer escalations, taking orders or managing bot contents.

Q. How Are Sessions Calculated?

We calculate sessions monthly across all your bots.

For examples, if you have two bot projects: bot A has 2,000 sessions a month and bot B has 5,000 sessions then your total number is 7,000.

Q. Do You Offer Free-Trial?

Our Basic Plan is completely free-to-use with almost every features you need to build an end-to-end powerful chatbot. You can upgrade your free plan to a paid subscription anytime later on.

Q. Which Support Options Do You Have?

We offer different types of support. Community, for our Free users, Premium support for all our clients on Pro and Enterprise plans.

SLA level support is only available for our Enterprise plans.

It depends on the plan you are on.

  • BASIC: Best effort with livechat first 7 days and free access to Community.
  • PRO: 1 business day first response via Email, Helpdesk, Livechat
  • Enterprise: 4 business hours first response via Email, Helpdesk, Livechat or arranged call.

Q. Can I Downgrade My Plan?

Yes. You can downgrade your plan but the current plan will still be in effect until the next billing date.

You can also cancel your plan at any time as well.

Q. Can I Get A Copy Of A Receipt?

Yes. Receipts are stored in the Billing History section of your account. From there, you can print or email a copy of each receipt. 

A chatbot for?

Chatbots are a new way to engage with your audience and drive conversations within Facebook Messenger.

Customer care

Automate frequently asked questions and seamlessly connect people to a human when necessary using Facebook Inbox or other platforms.


Enable people to subscribe to weekly content and broadcast exclusive messages with a very high reach. Manually or automatically.


Collecting information in a much more intuitive and less intrusive manner. Driving leads from automated conversations directly to your CRM.

Brand awareness

Chatbots are a new way to tell stories. Discovering your brand and services in a one to one conversation without distractions.

Powerful Chatbot

Products and services

Catalog CMS platform apart from the competition. Let users browse your products on a chatbot has never been made easier.


Let customer types in a word or a phrase, and Ailexia matches that word or phrase with a Smart response.

AI Training

Unlock the power of machine-learning with intuitive training interface provided by Ailexia.