Millennials are coming of age!

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They have grown up with the Internet & Social Media

They spend a lot of time on Smartphone & Messages Apps


Looking Back

Ailexia was started in the garage 2 years ago. The co-founders, Mohamed Awwad and Alexandera coffee-addicts like most Melbournians, they felt the need for automating pre-ordering workflow for these coffee shops. As they decided to create chatbots using existing builder platforms to no success, so they ended up creating a solution, called Ailexia.


Unlike most platforms were created for the purpose of attracting the bespoken clients, we believe strongly in our platform and will build a strong community around it. There are not many other people out there as merited as us at understanding how chatbots should work and what values  they can bring to a business.

Into The Future

Ailexia sees ourself as the WordPress of the chatbot world – an eco system where everyone can use to start their own conversation automation system or contribute toward the community of chatbot development.

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